First Quarter Pen Hauls

Delta "The Journal"

Hi pen friends! I know it has been awhile since I posted and just wanted to leave a brief note on why I haven’t posted in ages. Hockey. I both play and ref hockey, so my winters lack free time. For example, in the month of January, I played 6 games and reffed/supervised 14 games, most of which requiring about an hour of travel each way. I chose to be this busy and enjoy doing it, but I still need to find more time for my wife and new house, so the blog has been put on the backburner until things get a little less busy. But enough about me, let’s see what I got!


Now let’s go all the way back to Christmas. I got 2 pen related things and they were both complete surprises. First, a bottle of Sailor Waka-Uguisu from my wife. This was a surprise because she had me convinced that I wasn’t getting anything pen related. At first glance all I seen was the Sailor ink box and man was I excited. Next I could see the little bit of green on the label which made me instantly intrigued. I googled what colour it was right away and couldn’t wait to ink it up! Unfortunately I did not have an empty pen with me at my parent’s house, so I had to wait until I got back to the city to ink it. I threw it in my TWSBI Mini and fell in love.

TWSBI Mini with Sailor Waka-Uguisu

The colour is hard to explain, but it is kind of a grassy green with some yellow to it. Definitely a unique colour that has a place in my collection. Of the inks that I currently own, I would say it is most comparably to Rohrer & Klingner Alt-Goldgrun, just a bit lighter.

Next up was even more of a surprise. An engraved Sheaffer 100 from my brother. This was a part Christmas present, part wedding present as he also got my wife an engraved rose gold Caran d’Ache ballpoint.

Scheaffer 100 & Sailor Waka-Uguisu

The reason why this surprised me so much was because I don’t talk about my pens a whole lot while home visiting, just the occasional time when I volunteer to keep score for any card games (Kaiser anyone?). It was such a great gift as it is engraved and will always have extra meaning, and that I know it is a pen that I like.

New Years

This next part was also a surprise to me. If you didn’t already know, I am a huge Edmonton Oilers fan and they just got a new rink this year. We went to a few games last season at Rexall Center, but we really wanted to check out Rogers Place. Long story short, my wife surprised me with a trip to Edmonton to watch the game on New Years Eve against the Vancouver Canucks. She even planned the trip around a stop to Stylus Fine Pens again (3rd time now, who am I!?), which was amazing and is the reason why I am mentioning the trip.

The last 2 visits I knew ahead of time that I would be going there far in advance, so I would always browse the website for hours making a list of things I would want. Since this trip was a surprise, I did zero planning and was more than happy with that. I took my time and browsed, looking at everything that they had to offer. I gave myself a small budget so I didn’t go too crazy (those Pelikans were looking good), but only ended up walking out with a Noodler’s Ahab and some ink.

Noodler’s Ahab & Sailor Fuji-Musume

Why a Noodler’s Ahab? Because I have fun with the one I already have, but the piston convertor broke on me and I don’t use it nearly enough to warrant converting it to an eyedropper. That’s one reason. The main reason was that it is yellow and I think it looks amazing and it kind of looks like a banana (I like bananas).

I also needed to leave that place with another ink, since why not? Lately I have been noticing a trend that I have been enjoying my Sailor inks more and more and the brand was top of mind from my Christmas present. I let my wife help me on this one and we decided that I don’t have that many purple inks, so I went with Sailor Fuji-Musume. It is a lovely lighter shade of purple (lilac maybe? I’m not well versed in my shades of purple) and it shades beautifully.


Now here is the part where I hope you all don’t start hating me. Like many of my readers (I presume), if we are in a position where we think we may find a deal on a fountain pen, we are going to go take a look. Well I have gotten fairly lucky in my endeavours twice in a matter of 3 days.

First up was from the magical world of Varage Sale. For those of you not familiar, it is an app where people post things to sell, which makes it quite easy to buy/sell 2nd hand stuff. I’ve been browsing it quite frequently for house things and had the thought to search for fountain pens. Well I’ll be damned, a Parker 51 for $20 pops up. I quickly look at the pictures and description to ensure it is legit and then messaged the seller “SOLD!” The seller even tossed in a free Scheaffer school pen that she wanted to get rid of, so that was a bonus!

Parker 51

The nib on the 51 was bent up, kind of like someone stabbed the table with it, but surprisingly enough it still wrote! The sac was actually in good condition too. I dropped it off at my pen friend’s place, Dirck at Raven’s March, along with my next find and he got it back to better working condition. Check out his post to see his findings.

Parker 51 Nib

Next was an even better find in my opinion. This gorgeous Eclipse flat-top fountain pen that I found at the local Antique Mall. It is just gorgeous and in such great condition. The nib seemed untouched as there was no sign of ink ever being in it. With it being so old though, I still wanted Dirck to take a look at it to make sure the sac and everything was in working order.

He replaced the sac and realigned the pressure bar, which was apparently damaged in assembly from the factory. No one has bothered to get this fixed, so my gut feeling was right, I am the first person to ever use this pen (well besides Dirck). How cool is that!

Different Lighting

He also taught me a little about the pen while I was picking it up. It was manufactured sometime in the 1930’s, which was apparently the era when Eclipse was actually producing high quality pens rather that 3rd tiered pens. The nib also has a little flex to it which makes it extra fun. To think I got this pen for such a steal ($15) still amazes me. Why am I so lucky and who would have thought Regina of all places would hold such gems? I can’t explain it, but I love it!

Field Notes & Pen Chalet

This section was not originally going to be in this post, but since I have procrastinated (read extremely busy) since starting my draft almost 2 months ago, I picked up a few more things.

First, my Field Notes “Utility” subscription came in, so am finally getting to use them after waiting for the mail and to finish my “Black Ice” edition. First thoughts: I love how the look with the yellow and black. I love both of the ruling options (utility graph and ledger). I was actually on a permanent search for some Ambition ledgers (or Travelling Salesman if anyone was so generous), but this may just fit the bill. I also love the paper and how it handles fountain pens. A little toothy, kind of like Workshop Companion, but thick enough to handle nearly everything. I am not a huge fan of the fold out ruler, but it is still pretty neat. Finally, I wish it would stay closed a little better, but the thicker paper makes it pretty tough to do that. Fair trade? I would say so. Overall, very good edition!

This last order was a little “treat myself” order from Pen Chalet. I was browsing the site like I do time to time and came across the Delta “The Journal”, which has been on my radar for quite some time now. I never pulled the trigger in the past because it is a little bit of a pricy pen ($120), but I had a small credit at Pen Chalet and I had some space credits saved up, so I went for it.

Delta “The Journal”

I was torn between the Olive finish and the Ivory. I ended up with the Ivory one because it looked more interesting to me with the brown and all of the swirls. The shape of the pen is what really caught my attention in the first place. A large diameter barrel & grip is right up my ally, so I knew I would love it. Writing with it feels similar to writing with my TWSBI Micarta if any of you are familiar. Needless to say, I was excited.

Think I like this style of pen?

It finally got in the mail the other day, but I couldn’t ink it right away since I had to go ref hockey right after work. The next day I tossed in Noodler’s Walnut (kind of matches the swirls) and began playing with it.

Kind of confused about what the second slot is for…

In person, it feels just as good as it looks. The attention to detail on all of the hardware is flawless, which makes this pen that much more special. Delta even numbers “The Journal”, even though it is not limited, so it makes each of them slightly unique to each owner. Mine is 6368 for those wondering. The only issue that I’ve noticed is a touch of hard starts a few times a page. It looked like a case of baby’s bottom, so I pulled out the micromesh and worked some magic. It might not be perfect now, but the hard starts seemed to have stopped.

Delta “The Journal”

I know that I am still in the honeymoon stage with this pen, but I already know that it is going to stay as one of my favourites as it checks all of my boxes. A full review will be coming once I get to know the pen a little better.

Again, sorry for going MIA for so long. Hockey is wrapping up soon, so I should be getting a whole lot of free time back soon. Thanks for reading!

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  • Dirck in Saskatchewan

    Baby-bottom issues on a Delta?

    {utterly flat tone}How shockingly unheard-of.{/uft}

    It is a jolly pretty pen, though, which is definitely something Delta does well.

    • It’s definitely a beauty! It’s my first Delta, so I was hoping for a perfect pen, but at least the baby’s bottom was pretty minor. A quick micro mesh session seemed to do the trick!