Pilot Prera Review and Giveaway

Pilot Prera

First off, I want to thank Knight’s Writing Company for providing this pen for review and my very first giveaway! More on the giveaway at the end of the post. If you haven’t heard of or check out Knight’s Writing Co’s online store, you should definitely do it now (or when you are done reading my review)! Their selection isn’t the largest out there, but there are some pretty decent brands to choose from. They even have KWZ inks!! Do you know what the best part about Knight’s Writing Co is? They are Canadian!!

Pilot is one of the better fountain pen brands on the market in my opinion. I have had the pleasure of using multiple Metropolitans, a Vanishing Point, and a Custom 74, all of which have been great for me (with the exception of the Custom 74 at first, but it is all good now…. and for sale!). The Pilot Prera uses the same nib as the Metro, so you know it’s just going to write.

Body Design & Finish

I got to choose which colour of pen, so I went with brown! I am pretty sure it’s no secret that I like brown pens, so I am hoping all of you don’t mind it if you happen to win! Anyways, I find the brown to be really classy. It is super dark, almost to the point where it looks like a black pen, but I really enjoy the colour anyways.

Brown Pilot Prera

The thing I like most about this pen is the portability of it. It is a pocket sized pen when capped, it is lightweight, the cap snaps closed with a very satisfying click, and it posts very securely. Out of the pens that I already own, it would be most comparable to the TWSBI Mini. It is roughly the same size, lightweight, and has a similar grip diameter to the Prera. The major differences are the fact that the TWSBI is a piston filler, and that it is a screw to cap/screw to post. If I were to rate these two features for my own personal use, I would give the piston filler a (+) and the screw cap/post a (-). Okay that’s not really a rating, but a plus and minus is good enough… right?

Prera vs Mini
Prera vs Mini

I wasn’t meaning to make this post a Prera vs Mini faceoff. I just wanted to point out those differences so I can talk about the feature that may make me lean towards the Prera over the Mini if I was ever given the choice. In my opinion, you should be able to whip out your pocket pen to take a quick note, and then put it away quickly when finished. I have had the TWSBI for nearly 2 years now and the fact that you have to unscrew the cap and then screw it on the back still annoys me. Sure the cap probably won’t fall off in your pocket or bag, but to me, it defeats the purpose of being a pocket pen. If it was a push to post like the Prera or Kaweco Sport, I would have a different opinion, but for what I was hoping to use it for, it is not the perfect pen.

Pocket pen comparison
Pocket pen comparison

I obviously have a few feelings toward the TWSBI Mini, so I should probably just write a separate review on it later. Now enough of the Mini, let’s get back to the star of this show, the Pilot Prera!

The point I was trying to make is that I can put the Prera in my pocket, be confident that the lid will be secure, and quickly take the cap off, post it, and begin writing. I know not everyone likes posting pens, but it is almost a requirement for pocket pen unless you are fine with writing with a pen that barely fits in your hands.

Pilot Prera Cap

The last thing I want to mention here is the little sticker they put on the barrel telling you which size the nib is. It is 100% removable and I usually do just that, but since I am giving it away, I will leave it on just in case someone likes the look of it.

Pilot Prera

Writing Experience

With Diamine Sherwood Green
With Diamine Sherwood Green

Now on to the good stuff, how the pen writes. If you have ever used a Pilot Metropolitan, you know exactly how it’s going to perform. It just works, and works well! This particular Prera has a steel fine nib. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pilot nibs, they are Japanese, which means they run much finer than their Western counterparts. This is no exception. It writes sooo fine, but yet the ink still flows nice and wet and is very smooth. My experience so far has been exactly the same for all other Pilot steel nibs that I’ve used.

Pilot vs TWSBI vs Kaweco fine nibs
Pilot vs TWSBI vs Kaweco fine nibs

I usually use a pen with multiple inks before writing a review on it. In this case, I know how this nib with perform with most inks, so I thought one was good enough so I could get this pen in one of your lucky hands sooner! I decided to put Diamine Sherwood Green in it because 1) I thought it was a good match with the brown pen because of the earthy tones, and 2) Diamine has been reliable, performs well, and is consistent across most of the colours.

Another part of the writing experience that can be just as important as the nib is the section. I mentioned earlier that it is roughly the same diameter as the TWSBI Mini and is made of resin (plastic). I was using it at work and noticed that is start getting a touch slick when my hands were a little sweaty. It is nowhere near as bad as a smooth metal section, but definitely noticeable since the plastic is quite smooth.

Fountain Pen Nibs


Pilot Prera

You could probably tell that my review was mostly positive. That is because this pen does everything I need it to. It writes well, is extremely portable (read lightweight, pocketable, easy and secure posting), and just looks good.

The only hang up I have with this pen is the price. It will run you about $78 CAD at Knight’s Writing Co. You do have to keep in mind that the Canadian dollar isn’t the strongest right now, so that really impacts the prices that Canadian companies have to charge. However, it isn’t Knight’s Writing Co’s price, but rather the price of the Prera in general. I can pick up a Pilot Metropolitan for about $20-25 CAD which has the same nib, and a metal body. If I were new to fountain pens or new to the Pilot brand and seen these pens side by side, I would assume the Prera would be cheaper than the Metro.  Where is all of that additional value?

Written on Field Notes Sweet Tooth
Written on Field Notes Sweet Tooth

I wouldn’t recommend this pen to everyone solely because of the price, but if you are looking for a nice pocket pen, you should definitely check this out if you are willing to spend a little more. It checks all of the boxes competes with the other pocket pens on the market, mainly the TWSBI Mini.


Welcome readers who skipped down to the giveaway! I hit 1000 followers on Instagram the other day, so this is my way of saying thanks to everyone, with the help of Knight’s Writing Co of course. I was going to limit this giveaway to Instagram, but since I physically received the pen to do a review, I thought I would give everyone the opportunity to win! Now that you all know more about the Pilot Prera, I will now tell you how you can win one. This is my first ever giveaway, so hopefully I am being fair to everyone. Here are my rules:

  1. This giveaway to open world wide! I don’t want to leave anyone out for my first giveaway.
  2. The giveaway runs until noon on Sunday the August 21st.
  3. I will give the winner one week to claim their prize.
  4. You must answer the question in your comment.
  5. Good luck!

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  • Josh Ghiringhelli

    The last pen I used was a Copper Orange Lamy Alstar filed with Iroshizuku yu-yake.

    I love my Pera. It’s durable and portable which are great for a pocket pen.

  • papermageling

    The last pen I used was a Hero 616 filled with Noodlers Black. It’s currently my daily knock around pen.

  • Currently I’m using a Parken 15 with a Pelikan Brilliant Blue ink. Thanks for the giveaway. Greetings from Germany.

    • Sorry Parker 15 not Parken which is a German word 🙂

      • Julie Paradise

        Autocorrect has corrupted many of my Instagram posts, too … 😀

        • Happens a lot to me also in Instant chats.
          Read from you on penexchange 🙂

  • T. Fitz

    TWSBI Eco, F with Namiki blue was the last pen I used. I would love to win this prera!

  • david forsythe

    The last pen and ink I used was a Karas Kustoms barstock Fountain K loaded with Akkerman #17

  • macktastic

    Kaweco Sport with Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts ink


    Lamy Logo (pearl) with Iroshizuku Shin-Kai, my everyday desk combination.

    Great review!

  • sharon888

    A Namiki Grance with KWZ Orange. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Julie Paradise

    I do not need to win this pen as I already own 4 Preras.

    You mentioned the price … I live in Germany where Preras are also sold for about 70€, but if I order it directly via Ama*** from a Japanese retailer, I can get it shipped here for about 25-30€, so even if I have to pay additionaly customs for it (ca. 20% of the purchase), it is far less expensive than those 70€. And I think that is the range it fits, a bit nicer and classic finish than the MR/Metropolitan, but with the same (Awesome! I just love these! The Pilot quality control is top notch!) nib. The nibs are also interchangeable with the Kaküno (with the cute smiley face on the nibs 😉 ) the Penmanships that come in EF also and with the Plumix range that features calligraphy stub/italic nibs in 0.32 / 0.44 / 0.58 / 0.7 / 1.0 mm widths.

    I also wonder why in the US Preras are mostly known in their — not so pretty I think — demonstrator versions when there are these classic and fun opaque colour versions: light grey, dark grey, brown, beige/creme, light/soft blue, pink, red, yellow, lime green …

    I like to give away Preras (and KaWeCo Sports) as gifts, as the value and the price are so great and these are just allround pens. I have had no one complain about theirs and most get used regularly and happily.

    Thank you for the review and the beautiful photos and good luck to every one who hopes to win the giveaway!

  • Matthew Chow

    Pilot Custom 823 (F) with Iroshizuku Kon Peki. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Michelle Suratos

    Pilot Custom 74 with Iroshizuku Yama-budo. I’m a Pilot fan. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Gilles

    Visconti Homo Sapiens with Diamine Ancient Copper.

  • Emanuele Milan

    TWSBI Eco with Sailor Yama-Dori

  • Doug

    Pilot Metropolitan, fine nib,,with Waterman Blue Black ink. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • EmirisGaston

    Jinhao 158 with diamines ancient copper. going to buy myself a bottle- i had also just used the noodlers apache sunset but im still not sold on that, a little too yellow for me but i do love the two inks colour variance!

  • Kristopher Arens

    A Jinhao X750 with a Jinhao cartridge.

  • otak1

    Sailor Sapporo demonstrator F + Diamine Salamander (best pen with great ink)
    I think Prera looks good and I like nibs on Metropolitan (MR) and 78G.

  • Sandra M.

    Pilot Metropolitan (M nib) with Noodler’s Navy, which is a great ink that while not exactly navy, is a gorgeous deep turquoise color with awesome shading.

  • SemicolonExpected

    Pilot Metro with Noodler’s Army Green. I alternate that with my Levenger Facets with Oxblood

  • Steve Duitsman

    Pilot Vanishing Point Fine with Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium

  • Sarah

    Parker 45 with J. Herbin Vert Empire. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Luan Cardoso dos Santos

    For me it was a Waterman Laureat, gift from a uncle of mine. The ink is Pelikan 4001 briliant black, but I am thinking about loading that pen with a blue ink in the future!

  • rbar

    Currently using my pilot metro with blue black! Thanks!

  • Jason Couture

    Thank you for a great review and giveaway. I also wonder what justifies the price difference between the Metro and the Prera. Last pen/ink: Kaweco Brass rollerball with hacked Pilot Juice Coffee Brown refill.

  • Emily Rich

    I’m new to fountain pens, and am looking to buy my first one in the next week or so. I’ve been trying to decide between a few, including both the Metro and the Prera, so this review has been really helpful. Obviously I don’t have a most recent pen and ink to tell you about, but I hope this counts. 🙂

  • Sherry

    Having heard a lot of good things about it, I’ve been eyeing the Prera for a while now, and you make it even more attractive by comparing it to one of my very favourite pens, the TWSBI Mini! I love Pilot fine nibs and the extra-fine Mini nib – this pen sounds perfect. And I’m very fond of browns – my most recent pen used is a Kaweco Sport in Cognac with J. Herbin Lie de The ink!

  • brian c

    Today I’m using a Jinhao 159 inked with Lie de The. My wife stole my Prera (CM), so thanks for doing this giveaway!

  • Smithman

    I just used a Sheaffer Sagaris with a Sheaffer blue cartridge. Congratulations on reaching 1000!

  • Oscar Rodriguez

    Pilot is overall just a wonderful company, I’ve used a large volume of their products and always walk away satisfied. My latest favorite is my Pilot Custom Heritage 74 with Iroshizuku combo. Silky smooth to write with and a great daily carry!

  • Jonathan Mooney

    I used a Pilot VP with Lamy Dark Lilac!

  • Lisa Shappell Chatfield

    I have a Pilot MR with Parker Quink blue black. It’s my first pen and I’m excited to get more!

  • The exiled Hussar

    Faber-Castell Loom in B nib filled with Noodler’s Black

  • Laurie

    Congrats on hitting 1000! What a nice first giveaway. To answer the question, my new Kaweco Skyline Sport with KWZ standard Berry ink. Thanks!

  • Tim Cook

    I used a TWSBI Eco extra fine nib with Noodler’s Ottoman Rose.

  • Chloe

    Congratulations on reaching a thousand followers!! The last pen I used was the platinum preppy (I’m very new to the fountain pen world) and the last ink that I used was the noodlers standard black ink.

  • RegalPlatypus

    Pilot vanishing point with Noodler’s green marine.

  • Katherine V

    Sailor Sapporo Violet H-FM with MB William Shakespeare ink

  • Isis

    The last pen and ink I used was a Kaweco Sport (demonstrator) with Red Dragon by Diamine.

  • Daniel Taub

    Lamy Safari Lilac with its matching ink. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • celtic_chrys

    Last pen I used was a Pilot Prera with medium nib and Pilot green ink.

  • Amanda Nyren

    The last pen I used was a Jinhai x750 (sparkling sands finish – so pretty!) with Sailor Four Seasons in Nioi-sumire.

  • Tony

    The last pen I used was my Faber Castell Basic Leather with Noodler’s Black.

  • Monopower

    Was just using my Lamy 2000 with Sailor Yama-Dori!

  • I just filled my Pilot Vanishing Point with with Diamine Presidential Blue. One of two favorite blues. The other being Noodler’s Liberty Elysium. That’s in my TWSBI Eco which I was writing with most of today.

  • reedrelay

    Used my Platinum Preppy with Platinum Black earlier today.

  • Adam Fox-long

    I used a rosewood pen with gold trim that I got at a craft show and Noodler’s Heart of Darkness just now

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    Aurora 88K with J Herbin Perle Noire

  • Fan Card

    TWSBI ECO with Waterman Florida Blue

  • Sumitra RM

    Pilot Metropolitan.

  • Thomas Sweet

    I just used my Faber Castell Loom (metallic blue) with Private Reserve Naples Blue. I’m loving this ink and pen combo, so I’m definitely buying a bottle of it once this sample runs out.

  • Joshua Becker

    TWSBI Eco + Noodler’s Eel Blue!

  • Kris M.

    Lamy Al-Star Copper Orange with Noodler’s Black Widow

  • Shawna Yuan

    Faber-Castell Loom with Diamine Cult Pens Deep Dark Orange. I’m Canadian too! I’ve been looking to purchase from Knight’s but I am currently on a spending hiatus XD

  • Roberto Chavez

    I’ve only ever used my jinhao x750 with jinhao ink cartridges!

  • Sam

    Last pen I used was a fine Pilot Cavalier with Noodlers blue

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    Sailor pro gear slim four seasons (Yukitsubaki) inked with Lamy Dark Lilac. Love it. Thank you for the chance!

  • Dan Goldman

    I used a Nemosine Singularity with Platinum Blue-Black bottled ink.

  • mberker

    Platinum 3776 Century, Chartles Blue (M) with Visconti Blue ink 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway

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    Pilot Vanishing Point Fine with Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-guri

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    I have currently inked up a Pilot VP Black w/ Gold Trim with Sailor Jentle Shigure.

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    Thank you for the giveaway. The pen I am using right now is my newest one – a Franklin Christoph Pocket 66 in antique glass. It’s gorgeous as an eyedropper!